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Main products are paint chemicals material, sand casting, cleaning chemicals (detergent) and so on.

Responsibility, quality, efficiency, and service are the four pillars of our honor bound.

Mod/Full, 1956 Gun, C&R, Round Knob, Long Tang, Metal Finish Is 95% With Wear On Tang, Wood Is 90%, Morgan Pad Added Browning Superposed Lightning, 12 Gauge O/U Shotgun With 26" Barrels, 2 3/4" Chambers, Vent Rib, Choked Skeet/Skeet, Single Select Trigger, Auto Ejectors, Recoil Pad Added, Nicely Done, 1966 Gun, C&R, 90% Metal Finish, 95% Wood Finish Burnside Civil War Carbine, 54 Caliber Single Shot With 21" Barrel, The Metal Is All Dark Gray/Brown In Color, Very Nice Bore, Markings Are Very Good, Wood Is Solid With Lots Of Dings And Marks, Two Faint Cartouches Are Present, Good Mechanics Colt 1878, 10 Gauge SXS Shotgun With 32" Damascus Barrels, Antique, Barrels Retain A Lot Of Original Pattern But The Bores Are Pitted, Receiver Is Clean With Some Faint Case Colors Remaining, Mechanically Fine, Wood Is 70%, Checkering Worn Connecticut Shotgun, RBL Cambridge Reserve Edition, 20 Gauge SXS Shotgun With 28" Barrel, Factory Engraved, Gorgeous Checkered Walnut Stock In English Style, 99% Overall With Two Carrying Cases, Screw-In Chokes (5), Double Triggers, Auto Ejectors, 2 3/4" Chambers DWM 1909 Argentine Mauser, 7.65 Argentine Bolt Action With 29" Barrel, Bolt & Stock Numbered To The Gun, Receiver Finished Bright, Barrel & Floorplate About 95% Blue, Very Nice Stock With Some Handling Marks, Circa 1909, With 1891 Bayonet, No Scabbard, C&RW. Davenport The Brownie, 22 Caliber Single Shot Rifle With 22" Barrel, Falling Block Style Lever Action, 40% Barrel Toning To Brown, No Finish On Receiver, 50% Wood Finish Remains But Has Varnish Added, Extractor Works Well, Lever Is A Little Sloppy, Antique Charles Daly Ventur Model, 12 Gauge O/U Shotgun With 26" Barrels, 2 3/4" Chamber, Choked Imp Cyl/Mod, Nice Bores, Barrels 97% Blue, Receiver Turning Plum, Single Select Trigger, Extractors, Wood 93% With Some Marks From Use Erfurt Gewehr 88 Commission Rifle, 8MM Bolt Action With 29" Barrel, Ladder Rear Sight, Walnut Stock With Handling Marks, Mismatched Numbers, Turkish Markings On Bolt, Good Bore, Unit Marked Barrel Bands, Metal All Brown, Dated 1891, Antique European 12 Gauge SXS Percussion Shotgun With 26.5" Barrels, Austrian Or German, Locks And Hammers Are Engraved & Working, Metal Parts Very Dark With Some Frosting, Wood Is Ornate, Trigger Guard Is Ebony, Wood Has Small Cracks Where It Meets The Barrels, Antique European Flintlock Converted To Percussion, Barrel Has Revolutionary War "US" Marking, Stock Has Been Replaced, Barrel Flared 1" Bore Diameter, Lock Needs Work, It Will Cock But Trigger Slips Past Lock Spring, No Ramrod Freiburger Pre-War Drilling, 16 Gauge SXS Over What We Think Is 9.3X72R, 28" Barrels, 2 1/2" Chambers, Choked IM/Mod, Double Triggers, Back Action Lock, Exposed Hammers, Engraved Receiver, Checkered Walnut, Barrels 70% Reblue, Marks On Wood French 1842 Musket, Bore Measures .72, 42 3/4" Barrel, Percussion, Good Solid Gun, Metal Dark Gray, Barrel Marked 1848 With Cartouches, Tang Marked 1842, French Writing On Lock, One Cartouche On Stock, Very Good Mechanics, Reproduction Ramrod Gallager Civil War Carbine, 50 Caliber With 22 1/4" Barrel, Metal Has No Finish, Good Markings, Some Scattered Light Pitting, Wood Has Been Refinished, One Long Gouge In The Wood By Top Tang, Good Mechanics, Just Fair Bore, Antique German Pre-War Cape Gun, 16GA/9.3X72R Underlever SXS With 27 1/2" Barrels, Exposed Hammers, Tang Sight, Engraved Scenes & Patterns, Bone Trigger Guard, Carved Stock With Cheek Piece, Later Spacer Added, Barrels Mostly Silvered, Stock Nicely Refinished, Circa 1916, C&RGreene Breech-Loading 53 Caliber Rifle With 36" Barrel, Bolt Action, Very Good Bore, Very Good Mechanics, Metal All Dark, Good Markings, Some Old Pitting On The Metal, Stock Solid, Many Dings From Use, Stock Marked "000", Civil War, With Bayonet Griffin & Howe Mauser Custom 98, 257 Roberts Bolt Action Rifle With 22.5" Barrel, Retains 95% Bright Blue, Nice Bore, Alaskan Scope, Griffin & Howe Mounts & Base, Lovely Checkered Walnut Stock With Ebony Forend Cap, Metal Butt, With Sling, Nice Gun Gwynn & Campbell 52 Caliber Civil War Percussion Carbine With 20" Barrel, Type II, Great Bore, Barrel Toned To A Dark Brown, Receiver Has 40% Soft Case Colors, Nice Mechanics, Two Good Cartouches, Antique, Wood Solid, Looks Like It Has Had A Light Varnish Added Hall Breech-Loading 1843 Percussion Carbine, 52 Caliber With 21" Barrel, Cannot Read Markings On Breech, Metal Gray, Light Pitting Throughout, Mechanics A Little Sticky, Bore Has Good Rifling But Also Pitted, Wood Solid But Many Marks From Use Harrington & Richardson Model 348 Gamester 12 Gauge Bolt Action Shotgun With 28" Barrel, 85% Bluing And Fading A Bit, Wood Nicely Refinished, Carved Bird, Recoil Pad Hard, Nice Bore, Good Mechanics, Small Crack In Trigger Guard Hembrug Model 1895 Mannlicher Carbine, 6.5X53R Bolt Action With 17.7" Barrel, Tangent Rear Sight, Walnut Stock With Light Handling Marks, Good Bore, Metal Mostly Brown, With Correct Bayonet, Scabbard & Frog, Receiver Dated 1915, C&RHollenbeck 12 Gauge SXS Shotgun With 26" Barrels, C&R Gun, Choked .006 Imp. & .002 Cylinder, Double Triggers, Extractors, 90% Damascus, Nice Bores, 30% Case, Engraved Receiver, Wood Checkering Recut, Stock Cracked, Repaired & Refinished, Forend Original, Mechanical Problems Hollenbeck 12 Gauge SXS Shotgun With 30" Barrels, C&R Gun, Choked .025 Mod & .036 Full, Double Triggers, Extractors, 50% Damascus, Some Dents And A Little Pitting, Decent Bore, Lever Not Staying Open, 15% Case, Engraved Receiver, Checkered Wood, Ebony Insert Missing, Wood 50%Hollenbeck 12 Gauge SXS Shotgun With 30" barrels, C&R Gun, Chokes .044 Ex Full & .038 Full, Barrels Have Most Of The Damascus Pattern, Nice Bores, Good Mechanics, Double Triggers, Extractors, 70% Soft Case, Engraved Receiver, Wood 60% Finish With Some marks, Ebony Inserts Hollenbeck 12 Gauge SXS Shotgun With 28" Barrels, C&R Gun, 65% Damascus, Small Dents, Bores Fair, A Little Pitting, .013 Imp. & .025 Mod., Engraved Receiver, Wood Solid, Worn With Age Cracks In Buttstock & Wood Repair At Forend Release, Mechanical Problems, Small Repair On Top Tang Unmarked Hollenbeck, Grade 1, 20GA/20GA/32-40 With 28" Barrels, C&R, Numbers Match, Forend Stuck, 70% Damascus, .020 Mod. Cyl., Nice Bores, Rib Has 6 Holes Drilled, 40% Faded Case, Rifle Barrel Safety Not Working, Repair Near Tang, 60% Finish With Marks Huglu SXS Boxlock Shotgun, 12 Gauge, 2 3/4" Chambers, 26 1/2" Barrels Choked IC/IC, Double Triggers, Extractors, Engraved Silver Colored Receiver, Checkered Walnut, Sling Swivel Base Removed, Pad Added, Needs To Be Fitted, 14 3/8" LOP, 98% Receiver, 95% Barrels, 95% Wood With Some Handling Marks Huglu/Armsco Appears To Be A Model 104, 12 Gauge O/U Shotgun With 28" Barrels, 3" Chamber, (5) Screw-In Choke Tubes With Wrench, Gun Is 98% , With Checkered Walnut, Pistol Grip Cap, Schanbel Forend, Single Select Trigger, Auto Ejectors, Receiver All Engraved Hy Hunter Italian Repro Of The Zuave 58 Caliber Percussion Rifle With 33" Barrel, Barrel Retains 92% Blue, Lock & Hammer 60% Case Colors, Remaining Metal Is All Brass, Hardwood Stock Is 80%, Good Mechanics Italian Reproduction Percussion Of The Remington Zuave, 58 Caliber With 33" Barrel With Saber Bayonet Lug, Metal Unfinished And Rather Dingy, Lock Works, Wood Retains Most Of The Original Finish, Patchbox Ithaca Crass 4E, 12 Gauge SXS Shotgun With 32" Barrels, Beautiful Engraving Patterns, Fancy Fleur Di Lis Checkering Pattern, Wood Refinished, Pad Added, Huge Amount Of Cast Off On The Stock, Barrels Retain 95% Blue, Nice Bores, Double Triggers, Auto Ejectors, C&R Gun Ithaca Flues 4E Trap, 12 Gauge Single Barrel Shotgun With 34" Vent Rib Barrel, 2 3/4" Chamber, Auto Ejector, Early Wedge Bolting, Fleur-Di-Lis Walnut, Pad Added, 14 1/2" LOP, Barrel 98% Blue, Receiver Has Traces Of Color, Maybe Engraved By William Mc Graw, Forend Has Small Crack, Bottom Tang Has Repair, 1916, C&RJenks Civil War Carbine, 54 Caliber With 24 1/4" Barrel, Wood Lightly Cleaned, Faint Cartouche, Rear Of Breech Marked "WMJENKS/USN/RC/P/1846", Barrels Retains 20% Brown/Balance Is Gray, Great Bore, Nice Mechanics, Hammer And Opening Device Have 50% Blue Jenks Smoothbore carbine, 54 Caliber With 24 1/4" Barrel, Antique, Brass Mountings, Good Markings, Bore Has Some Pitting, Metal Gray/Brown, Wood Has A Repair At The Rear Of The Lock, Hammer Spring Is Cracked R. Mod/Full, Nice Bores, Double Triggers, Extractors Parker VH, 12 Gauge SXS Shotgun With 32" Barrels, #2 Frame, Choked F/F, Double Triggers, Extractors, Barrels 70% Fading Blue, Nice Bores, Receiver 25% Faded Case, Original Wood, Wood Nicely Refinished, Checkering Refreshed, Good Mechanics, C&R Gun Parker Brothers VH, 12 Gauge SXS Shotgun With 24 5/8" Barrels, C&R Gun, 1911, Brown/Gray Color, Heavy Frosting, Barrels Good Inside But There Is A Bulge In One Barrel, Wood Solid, Checkering Wear, 20% Finish Remains On Wood, Good Mechanics, Choked IC/ICParker Bros. Wickham Flintlock Converted To Percussion, Dated 1827, 69 Caliber With 42" Barrel, The Wood Has Been Sanded & Restained, Metal Is All Dark, Markings On Lock Are Legible, Decent Mechanics, Comes With A Ramrod And Bayonet Vetterli 1870/87/15, 6.5 Italian Bolt Action Rifle With 34" Barrel, Tangent Rear Sight, Stock Cleaned, Dark Bore With Good Rifling, Metal Faded Blue Turning Brown, WWI Era Conversion, With 1870/87 Bayonet, No Scabbard, Made In Brescia In 1872, Antique Watson Bros., 12 Gauge SXS Shotgun With 30" Barrels, Gun Is Completely Restored, Barrels Serial Number Does Not Match Tang Serial Number, Double Triggers, Extractors, Nice Barrels, Engraved Receiver, Lovely Wood, 2 1/2" Chambers, Choked .025 Mod & .01 Cylinder, With Old Watson Bros.

Flintlock Converted Back To Flintlock, Very Good Markings, Metal Bright & Cleaned, Scattered Pitting, The Gun Should Be 54 Caliber And 36" Barrel But It Is 69 Caliber And 36" Barrel, The Mechanics Are Good, Stock Is Quite Solid With Cartouche Koishikawa Arsenal Type 46 Siamese Mauser, 8X52R Bolt Action With 29 1/2" Barrel, Tangent Rear Sight, Hardwood Stock With Heavy Marks, Steel Buttplate With Trapdoor, Metal Refinished, Some Surface Pitting, Bore Is Dark With Good Rifling, Dust Cover, Pre-1909, C&RKoishikawa Arsenal Type 46 Siamese Mauser, 8X52R Bolt Action With 29 1/2" Barrel, Hardwood Stock With Handling Marks, Steel Buttplate With Trapdoor, Metal Partial Refinish, Balance Blue Turning Brown, Bore Is Dark With Good Rifling, With Bayonet & Scabbard, Pre-1909, C&RLudwig Loewe Gewehr 88, 8MM Bolt Action With 29" Barrel, Ladder Rear Sight, Walnut Stock With Handling Marks, Metal Mostly Brown And Blue Turning Brown, Good Bore, Bolt Has Some Turkish Characters, Dated 1891, Antique Ludwig Loewe Gewehr 88, 8MM Bolt Action With 29" Barrel, Ladder Rear Sight, Walnut Stock With Handling Marks, Metal Mostly Silvered, Good Bore, Bolt Has Some Turkish Characters & Number Mismatched To Receiver, With 1871 Bayonet, Dated 1890, Antique Marlin Model 80DL, 22 S-L-LR Bolt Action Rifle With 24" Barrel, Metal Parts Retain 80% Fading Blue Starting To Tone Towards Brown, Wood Is Solid With No Cracks, Light Varnish Added, Good Mechanics, Missing Rear Peep Sight And Hood On Front Sight Marlin Model 98, 22LR Caliber Semi-Auto With 22" Barrel, Walnut Monte Carlo Stock With Cheekpiece, Checkered Steel Buttplate, Weaver B4 Scope, 98% Wood, 95% Metal With Some Thinning & Touches Of Frosting, Mfg.

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Cyl., 2 3/4" Chamber, Bead Front Sight, Checkered Walnut Stock, Metal About 90% With Touches Of Light Frosting, Wood 90% With A Few Light Handling Marks, C&RRemington Model 14, 30 Remington Caliber Pump Rifle With 22" Barrel, C&R Gun, Barrel Has 70% Fading Blue, Receiver Is 60% Fading Blue, Wood Refinished, Crack In Forend At Screw, Repaired Crack In Heel, Decent Mechanics, Bore Dirty & Dark Remington Model 32 Skeet, 12 Gauge O/U Shotgun With 26" Barrels, 2 3/4" Chambers, Choked SK/SK, Single Selective Trigger, Auto Ejectors, 95% Metal Finish, Barrels Starting To Plum, Wood Is 98%, Checkered Walnut Stock, C&RRemington Model 700ML, 50 Caliber Percussion In-Line Bolt Action With 24" Barrel, Iron Sights, Stainless Barrel & Action, Camo Synthetic Stock With Factory Pad, 2.5-8X Leupold Vari-X III Scope On 2-Piece Weaver Rings & Bases, 95% Overall Remington 870 Magnum Wingmaster, 20 Gauge Pump Shotgun With 28" Vent Rib Barrel, 3" Chamber, Full Choke, Walnut Stock With Factory Pad, About 95% Overall, Wood Has A Few Light Marks & Two Small Swelled Spots Remington 1100 Classic Trap, 12 Gauge Semi-Auto Shotgun With 30" Vent Rib Barrel, 2 3/4" Chamber, Rem Choke Gun With (1) Tube, Target Contour, 99% Overall, Checkered Walnut, Factory Pad, Gold Etching On Receiver Remington Peerless Field, 12 Gauge O/U Shotgun With 27.5" Barrels, 3" Chambers, Comes With (11) Chokes & Wrench, Gun Is 98% With Nice Wood And Great Bluing, Just A Couple Of Very Light Handling Marks, Factory Pad, Single Select Trigger, Auto Ejectors Remington Rolling Block Military Model, 43 Spanish Caliber Single Shot Rifle With 35.25" Barrel, Antique, Metal Has No Finish And Has Been Cleaned, Good Mechanics, Very Decent Bore, Wood Is Solid With Marks, Stock Marked 2/42Remington Rolling Block, 43 Spanish Single Shot With 35" Barrel, No Metal Finish Remains, Tang Marked With E. Cyl., 85% Damascus, Nice Bores, Engraved Receiver, 30% Faint Case, Safety Not Working On Rifle Barrel, Checkering Worn, Varnish Added Three Barrel Gun, Grade 1, 12GA/12GA/32-20 With 28" Barrels, C&R Gun, All Matching Numbers, .027 Mod. Mod., 95% Damascus, Small Ding In Barrel, Nice Bores, Engraved Receiver, 70% Faded Case, Wood Checkered, Varnish Added, Pad Added, Safety Not Working On Rifle Barrel Triplett & Scott Civil War Carbine, 50 Caliber With 22" Barrel, Metal Is A Dark Gray Color, Good Markings, Good Mechanics, The Bore Has Good Rifling With Some Pitting, Buttstock Was Cracked, Nicely Repaired, Wood Refinished On The Butt, Original On Forend1816 U. Circa 1979Winchester Model 1895 30 Army Caliber Lever Action Rifle With 28" Round Barrel, 1915 Gun, C&R, Receiver Mostly Toned To Brown, Barrel 95% Blue With Some Frosting, Good Bore & Mechanics, Very Light Coat Of Varnish Added To Buttstock, Forend 20% Varnish Winchester 101 Pigeon Grade XTR Featherweight, 20 Gauge O/U Shotgun With 25.5" Barrels, 3" Chambers, Choked Mod/IC, Gun Is 98% Overall, A Few Light Marks On The Wood, Single Select Trigger, Auto Ejectors, With Winchester Luggage Case Winchester Model 490, 22LR Semi-Auto With 22" Round Barrel, Iron Sights Bushnell 4X Custom 22 Scope, Checkered Walnut Stock With Black Hard Rubber Buttplate & Factory Sling Swivels, Clip Magazine, 98% Or Better, Mfg. Wurfflein, Tip-Up, 22 Caliber Single Shot Rifle With 24" Octagon Barrel, C&R Gun, Good Markings But Metal Is Dark Inside And Outside Of The Bore, Mechanically Very Good, Wood Has 60% Finish Remaining But Has Many, Many Marks John G.

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