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Mistaken denials can also result from the DVA misplacing documents from your file.An independent review of documents at a VA regional office found hundreds of evidentiary documents from claimants files had mistakenly been put in the shredding pile.Fiscal Year Calendar Fiscal Year Calendar – A fiscal year (or financial year, or sometimes budget year) is the period used by governments for accounting and budget purposes.(Source: Wikipedia – Fiscal Year) (IDT, AT, ADT, ADSW, PRC, RECALL, MOB) – Flat Rate TDY Per Diem Adjustment Starting in FY15 (01OCT2014), all personnel on new, long-term TDY orders to a single location in support of contingency operations (including mobilization) will see a reduction in the amount of per diem to which they are entitled.The Center for Investigative Reporting analyzed a group of claims and found an error rate of closer to 38%.In response to much media and Congressional attention to the problem with errors, the DVA claims it has reduced its error rate to 12% in FY 2016.For these reasons, it’s important to request a complete copy of your claim file after you receive your decision.Once you’ve reviewed your file for any procedural errors, it may be possible to address certain problems with the substance of your claim.

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For the most part, category I credits are awarded for attending lectures, conferences, etc.

In a recent sampling at the Los Angeles Regional Office, in a batch of 90 disability claims reviewed, 24 claims were found to be incorrectly processed.