Ups santak c1kva online dating

01-Dec-2017 01:07

I laughed; I would never have agreed to hit up an overpriced chain near Times Square if I knew I'd be paying, and it certainly hadn't been my decision to pass out free drinks to old Swedish ladies.

With food still on our plates and the tourists just as confused as I was, Steven stood and theatrically walked out after paying a portion of the check. I sat there for a good five minutes finishing my food, because duh.

He then accused me of "sabotaging our love," saying I wasn't paying attention to him, that it seemed like I actually wanted to date the tourist girl I'd been politely chatting with. Then Steven abruptly called the waitress over and asked for the bill, demanding that I pay half of it.Last summer, I decided to meet up with a guy I came across on Happn.

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