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18-Jul-2017 14:46

If you want to guide him a little, why not buy some tame magazines as if they're your own and leave them where he's apt to find them?

Boys have been digging into their dad's collection for eons. These magazines are nothing but tasteful pictures from cover to cover and they don't contain the editorial content or advertising that you probably don't want a 12 year old to see.

I recently came upon my 11 year old daughter's diary and I found out she masturbates and it disturbed me a little.

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I think you're already doing a good job being open about it and not judgmental (to her, at least).

She is a middle child (daughter 11 and a son 5), and neither of my other children (as far as I know) have even thought about this.

I think I am most afraid that experiencing these types of feelings at this age will make her want to have sex with a boy at a young age.

We definitely know that a lack of sex education leads to early sexual experimentation, so I suggest you explain to your daughter what masturbation is in the larger context of sexual behavior, and soon.

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And it might be time to give her more privacy in the bathroom.The difference in your daughter is that she's open about it.