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and do you thing to make this calculator for windows or windows mobile? Dick Baugh 08/06/08 : I use Accurate Sights software from someone in Australia.It also includes compensation for aerodynamic drag. Dick Baugh 10/06/08 : Comparison with Accurate Sights software: Matched at 20 and 70 yards.bestel 17/07/07 : Hi Apostolos and congratulations, great job !

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I have studied balistics but have no luck with the maths. helped me with science fair Apostolis 13/01/09 : Thank you all for your comments. I am shooting field ranges where uphill/downhill calculations depend on arrow speed. Sam S44 22/03/09 : Can you give us Yards and inches?This is usually something around draw length sight extension but it's best if you measure it accurately. have to measure the distance from eye to scope to make sure it is accurate. Could you place a link to the formula you have used. Someday I will describe how it is done in a separate page.It can also compute your other sight marks for FITA and other distances. have a good day pb Joe Tapley: Simple and pretty accurate - well done. PS: Joe, you drift program is excellent, it's amazing how good a model of arrow flight you made. Can it be tweaked to allow for sight marks where the distance between the eye and the sight pin changes (ie. ) Apostolos 20/05/07 : I think it could be tweaked for that but I have to find that piece of paper that I had all the equations written on..SURFELITE 10/02/10 : i am also doing a science fare project for my freshman class. can someone post something/someway to help me fine a way to figure out the acceleration,velocity, and speed of a normal pull back tension of the bow a 45lbs.

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plz some one help me out this project is due next tuesday and i have nothing.

If I find some time, I will update the calculator with your suggestions. Joan Smith 05/06/09 : I was asked how fast an arrow travels so I Googled to find out.

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The layer operates the trapeze seen above the sights, moving them to adjust for lead.… continue reading »

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The Ultra Vision Snow Goggle incorporates AFD® - (Air Flow Design) to scoop out warm, moist air and drop the fog off outside the spherical lens.… continue reading »

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Its server type is: Apache/2.2.9 (Debian) PHP/5.2.6-1 lenny16 with Suhosin-Patch mod_ssl/2.2.9 Open SSL/0.9.8g.… continue reading »

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