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Other early influences include Jelly Roll Morton, whom he heard play at the Alhambra Theater in Milwaukee in 1926, as well as Woody Herman, Chuck Hedges, Bunny Berigan, Gene Schroeder, and Norm Cox.

He later said that Duke Ellington and Bix Beiderbecke were his top favorites.

Miner Laboratories was on Clinton Street, located near many “joints” including the Hamilton Hotel, Clark Theatre, Terrace Garden, and Morrison Hotel.

Steiner's interest in recording was prompted mostly through the people he knew, such as his next door neighbor Paul Edward Miller, a writer for Downbeat.

One record that made an early impression was the Dixieland Jazz Band.

Steiner started going to music performances at venues around Milwaukee, such as Humboldt Park, where he heard military and brass bands and songs such as “Tiger Rag” and “St.

The collection spans 140 years and documents Chicago jazz and blues, musicians, clubs, printed music, recording companies, and recording technology.

Series XI, Audio-Visual, does not include access copies for part or all of the material in this series.

By 1943 they formed S/D Records and recorded musicians such as Squirrel Ashcraft, Cassino Simpson, Jimmy Mc Partland, and Bud Freeman.

Steiner was heavily influenced early on by Chicago music, partially because of its proximity to Milwaukee; it was more difficult for New York music to make its way to the Midwest.

The first record he ever bought was by Cleo Brown, the second was Louis Armstrong, and the third Louis Prima.

During this time he wrote for Tempo magazine and was also a correspondent for Jazz Information.

With Harry Lim and Helen Oakley Dance he helped create the Hot Club of Chicago in 1935.Their focus was on new artists as well as reissuing records from the 1920s and 1930s, many of them from Paramount Records.