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If not, well, it’s not exactly the end of the world either.

One of the chief benefits of Android is its support for add-on storage, yet surprisingly few of the latest Android smartphones and tablets include a micro SD slot. The good news is that the operating system can still access external storage (as well as various external devices like keyboards and game controllers).

If you've been able to run USB OTG Checker on your phone or tablet, share your results here (pro or con).

Simply connect the adapter to the Micro-B port on an OTG enabled mobile device, connect the USB device directly to the USB A port on the adapter and the two devices are ready to be used together.

Learn about the new USB 3.1 Specification and new USB Type-C Connector, or learn how the technology in this product offers features that are similar to the USB 3.1 specification but can be used with USB devices today.

Note: Mobile devices running Android OS 3.1 and newer support USB OTG.

Read my post on how to use external storage to expand unexpandable Android phones.

Short version: root your device using the excellent Kingo Android Root utility, then grab an app that can "mount" external storage (I'm partial to USB OTG Helper).

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