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02-Sep-2017 11:35

Here's a summary of one of Stern's Sandra interviews from the blog site marksfriggin.com: Howard spent a little bit of time talking to Sandra about her 2-year-old daughter and how she's going to break the news to her that she's bisexual.

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In the months before his move to Sirius, Stern constantly talked about how the show would be situated next to the gay channel and how excited he was about that -- both for the wealth of joke potential and, as he once said, "I'm sorry, but gay people always look like they're having so much more fun than me." "Some people have an issue with Howard, but he treats his LGBT guests with the same probing questions and lack of respect he uses with his straight guests," Sirius talk host Derek Hartley told

Since then, the "God Hates Fags" people have appeared on the show several times, and it's always clear Howard is doing this to show his audience what buffoons they are.