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Like a cartoonist, too, Saint-Aubin seems to know everything, or he likes to think he does.

His other historical composition in the grand manner includes up-to-date shipyards, appropriate or not.

When Apollo and Mars play chess, the board tilts alarmingly forward, and Zeus himself all but slides down onto it.

Above all, a cartoonist loves people, mobs of them and very much in the present.

Like a modern cartoonist, he felt equally at home in his imagination and in the streets.

He regretted his failure as a painter, but he never looked back.

He describes the factory of the future, but with a double-bobbin spinning wheel that would never exist.

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Do not even try to count the people pouring into the city ahead of him.If his less than methodical strokes leave empty spaces at the margins, clutter in the foreground, forgettable faces, or a casual approach to the human figure, one can understand why. True, the French insisted on drawings as essential to an artist's education and practice.