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28-Dec-2017 09:36

From the comments and articles, it sounds like this pool has a very bad culture over​all, but the managers do have the right to fire​ people​ at any time because lifeguards are (to my knowledge) always hired at-will.

As long as the pool remains safely guarded with the correct number of lifeguards who get sufficient breaks, I would say the managers are still doing their jobs, except for keeping morale high.

In this particular pool, one of the guards was so hurt or disturbed by the group chat that they actually showed it to the superiors, believing it would be bad enough to warrant their attention.

In my work group chats, there is very little that would get anybody fired, and I don’t think anybody would show it to our boss.

But if a guard was making inappropriate jokes about another lifeguard, then the perpetrator should be let go.

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People aren’t born knowing this stuff, and the way they learn it is usually that some manager takes the time to explain it to them.

But it also made me think: where should the line be between reprimands and dismissal?

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