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Astronomical dating, like other forms of historical interpretation, requires care in interpreting the surviving written records.John Steele has proposed three questions that must be asked when dating an event: Does the record refer to an actual astronomical event, or is this merely a modern assumption?A particular case involved a medieval illuminated manuscript which portrayed the position of these seven celestial bodies on 18 March 816; corresponding to the period when the manuscript was written.This calculation demonstrated that this illustration was not a copy of an earlier classical depiction of the position of the stars.Dating quality people at our Russia online dating club is totally 100% free of charge. You will definetly enjoy our free Russia real dating club. Some of the women profiles you see here might be scams to collect money.Just add your profile, search other Russia members seeking like you for free international dating in Russia. REMEMBER, women who is really interested in you will never ask for money.

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Eclipses in particular are relatively infrequent events and can be dated precisely.

When the circumstances are not exact and descriptions leave ambiguities, one can often use other details such as the month of the eclipse or the position of other stars and planets to identify the specific eclipse.

A more controversial archaeoastronomical approach has been used to date structures that are believed to have been oriented on astronomical principles by measuring their orientation and computing the date in the past when a single specified celestial body, whether the Sun or a selected star, rises or sets at the measured azimuth. Penrose, applied a similar method to ancient Greek Temples, attempting to establish their dates by relating their orientation to the appearance of stars on the horizon, the position of which changes slowly due to the precession of the equinoxes.

The astronomer, Norman Lockyer, applied this method to Stonehenge by measuring the orientation of the Stonehenge avenue and comparing it to the position of solstitial sunrise, which changes slowly due to the changing obliquity of the ecliptic. The wide variance of these dates from historically accepted ones led the architect and archaeologist, William Bell Dinsmoor, to mistrust dates established by the slowly changing obliquity of the ecliptic or by stellar alignments, which involve an arbitrary selection of a star that rises on the proper a 100% free Russia internet dating agency where you can make friends.